Menu prices

Are you hungry and thirsty for more than just fun? Come to our Snack Bar for delicious pizza, hot dogs, casseroles, panini, and fries. We also serve craft beers.



    • Pizza Capricciosa (*gl, so, la, go, ja, se)
      PLN 30
    • Pizza Hawaiian (*gl, so, la, go, ja, se)
      PLN 30
    • Pizza Pepperoni (*gl, so, la, go, ja, se)
      PLN 30
    • Pizza Margherita (*gl, la, go, ja, se)
      PLN 28
    • Pizza Local (*gl, la, go, so, ja, se)
      PLN 30

*Ready-made 30 cm pizza, baked in the oven.


    • CLASSIC - cheese, mushrooms (*gl, la)
      PLN 15
    • PEPPERONI - cheese, bell pepper, pepperoni (*gl, se, la)
      PLN 18
    • SAUSAGE & BACON - cheese, sausage, smoked bacon (*gl, ja, so, go, la)
      PLN 20
    • CHICKEN - cheese, bell pepper, smoked chicken, chives (*gl, se, la)
      PLN 20

*Ready-made 28 cm toasted baguette, baked in the oven.


    • CLASSIC (*gl, so, la, go, se)
      PLN 8.99
    • SMOKED PORK SAUSAGE (*gl, so, la, go, ja, se)
      PLN 8.99


    • CHICKEN (*gl, so, la, go, se)
      PLN 12
    • TENDERLOIN (*gl, so, la, go)
      PLN 12

*Ready-made 22 cm panini, baked in the oven.


    • FRIES (no fat)
      PLN 15

Hot beverages

  • Coffee

    • Expresso
      PLN 6
    • Black
      PLN 8
    • Cream and sugar
      PLN 9
    • Cappuccino
      PLN 9
    • Latte
      PLN 12
  • Tea

    • Pitcher (450 ml)
      PLN 9
  • Cold beverages

    • Lemonade (lime, orange, rhubarb, cola, plum, pear)
      0.33 l PLN 10
    • Yerbamate (matchbata, yerbata)
      0.33 l PLN 10
    • Pepsi Cola
      0.5 l PLN 6.50
    • Pepsi Max
      0.5 l PLN 6.50
    • Mirinda
      0.5 l PLN 6.50
    • 7up
      0.5 l PLN 6.50
    • Schweppes
      0.5 l PLN 6.50
    • Lipton Ice Tea
      0.5 l PLN 6.50
    • Mineral water (carbonated, non-carbonated)
      0.5 l PLN 5.50
    • Energy drink (Black)
      0.5 l PLN 7.50
    • Toma juice (apple, orange)
      1 l (pitcher) PLN 12

Salty snacks

  • Potato chips

    • Lay’s, various flavours, large packet
      PLN 9
    • Rolls Pizza (7 Day’s)
      PLN 9
  • Snacks

    • Nachos (serving + sauces)
      PLN 14
    • Popcorn (serving)
      PLN 12
    • Sticks/Pretzels
      PLN 7
    • Peanuts
      PLN 9


  • Beer

    • Klasyk Beskidu
      0.5 l PLN 12
    • Wąsosz
      0.5 l PLN 12
    • Wilk na Bani
      0.5 l PLN 12
    • Mystery Machinery
      0.5 l PLN 12
  • Wine

    • Small white wine
      187 ml PLN 15
    • Small red wine
      187 ml PLN 15
    • Prosecco
      200 ml PLN 20
  • Other

      0.33 l PLN 15
    • CIDER
      PLN 12

*Allergens found in foods

AN – pineapple AL – sesame, soy, peanuts JA – eggs GL – gluten GO – mustard seed LA – lactose MI – molluscs MG – almonds ML – milk OM – seafood OR – nuts OZ – peanuts RY – fish SE – celery SK – shellfish SO – soy ZS – grains


    • BEER
      PLN 15.00
      PLN 8.00
    • Mineral water 0.5 l
      PLN 7.00
    • Juice - 1l pitcher
      PLN 15.00
    • Mineral water 1.5 l
      PLN 12.00
    • Snack chips
      PLN 12.00

Do you want to surprise someone?

Give the gift of fun and time spent with friends. At Mystery Machinery you can buy a voucher (gift card) for a game for any number of people, in any room (30 or 60 minute rooms), for a game of Laser Tag (30 or 60 minutes) or for a VR (Virtual Reality) game.


Asked Questions

What is the Escape Room Game all about?

Players are tasked with solving logic and dexterity puzzles to get out of the room where the Game takes place. Players have a set amount of time to complete all tasks (60min. or 30 min. depending on the Game chosen). Before the game begins, the Game Master, gives the players the necessary instructions and guidelines on the tasks that await them in the selected room. At any time during the Game, players have the opportunity to contact the Game Master and leave the room if necessary.

What is Laser Tag about?

This is a Laser paintball type game. Players are divided into teams that compete against each other to achieve the goal set in the chosen scenario. The goal of the game is to shoot down Players from the opposing team or to complete a task, such as occupying the opposing team’s base. Laser paintball, unlike classic paintball, is painless. After the game, only the memory of fun remains, not bruises. Only a beam of light is used for shooting, which is registered by special sensors placed on players’ vests. Before the start of the game, players will be given a briefing. The Game Master will issue weapons, vests and hand over the combat task to be completed for the teams.

What the Virtual Reality (VR) Arena about?

The virtual reality arena is a space where you have the opportunity to move into a world of virtual experiences. The arena has gaming stations players, equipped with a computer, wireless goggles and pads. Before the game, the Game Master gives an initial briefing, where they explain how to operate the goggles and control pads connected to them, and help choose the right game for both the age and skill of the players. After instruction, the players launch the selected game, which usually lasts 60 minutes or 30 minutes. The Game Master is constantly present at the arena to observe player actions and reactions – allowing them to answer questions and address the needs of players.

What the Laser Maze Game about?

Laser Maze is a game that takes place in a special room with laser beams and special buttons. The Player’s task is to take on the role of a burglar and nimbly overcome all the laser obstacles, and then return to the starting place by overcoming the same path of light obstacles.